Thursday, August 15, 2013

Digging the Depths of a Blossoming Creation!

Get a good look at these garden beds...

The Cathedral Student Ministry, as a gift to the Cathedral of St. Michael and St. George for its 160th anniversary, will dig up these garden beds and plant indigenous South African trees, plants, and flowers!

This was an idea that we presented to the clergy, and they quickly informed us that the Parish Counsel made plans at their annual meeting to revitalize the green spaces around the church property, particularly the garden beds. So, they were more than happy to allow us to take up this

We're also excited because we will officially begin planting on September 15th--the first Sunday that the students will be back from their short break between Term 3 and Term 4 (their university system is different). Also on that Sunday we are starting the Cathedral Student Ministry Preaching Series. Three out of the four Sunday's of Term 4 students that are a part of the Cathedral Student Ministry will take the responsibility of preparing and presenting a sermon to their fellow students.

These two projects coming together--planting the gardens, and the Student Preaching Series--will compliment each other well. The gardens will be a gift to the congregation, as well as an opportunity for us to grow a deeper appreciation for God's creation by cultivating and caring for it. September will still be Ordinary Time on the Church calendar, but the the plants and flowers will really begin to show signs of life around Advent and Christmas, the seasons on the church calendar when we celebrating the coming forth and birth of Christ. Our small creations will begin to show forth just as our Creators greatest creation will show forth. And we hope to use the planting, in conjunction with the Preaching Series, as compliments to one another symbolizing us digging into the depths of ourselves as the students prayerfully listen for the voice of God in themselves in preparation for their sermons, with the sermons being a sort of blossoming of what they discovered in the sermon writing process.

Needless to say, these garden beds and the students that will cultivate them will look very different, very soon...


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