Thursday, March 27, 2014

Hands and Hearts (H2)

One of the first events that the Cathedral Student Ministry hosted when they returned from Summer break--the 2nd week of February--was an ecumenical event. They gathered friends from other Christian churches around Grahamstown--students also--and did some contextual ministry. Rhodes University has a reputation for being quite the drinking school. So, the Cathedral Student Ministry thought that it might be a good idea to place themselves in the midst of the party--on the street where all of the popular bars are located--and to pass out water, and pancakes, and to walk or drive students, and especially vulnerable first years, who had had a few too many drinks back to their residents.

With the help of the Parish Council, Sally Terry, the Michel-John family, and the Eve's (all Cathedral parishioners) we able to purchase all of the ingredients for the pancakes and had ample gas for our burners. Thanks to the Chairwoman of the Cathedral Student Ministry we were given a gazebo under which students could chill and converse.

We had a blast! The students were so surprised that we were passing out pancakes for free. They often asked us, "what's the catch." They were surprised that we weren't evangelizing in order to convert them, or shame and judge them. They were surprised that we were Christian's who were simply loving, and who felt called to be helping hands. By students coming over to our pancake stand and talking to us they sobered up a little. Our love was apparently sobering. And, I must say, the students were pretty funny. Most of them were polite, and bright kids. We enjoyed hanging out with them and we enjoyed being a sober presence in case someone needed us. Over three days we walked or drove about 30 students back home, and passed out hundreds and hundreds of pancakes. It was a blast.

Take a look at some of the photos!

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